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“Afro & Between ”, perhaps the words most associated with the career of The Bearngster, and for once, an accurate portrayal. Thousands of listeners, over 16 countries with only 3 years into his career, the Swaziland-turned-South Africa resident continues to push further into his own sound, craft, and mind. For those fortunate enough to be present for one of Bearngstar’s cathartic, physical and spiritual DJ sets, the dance floor is not just a place for enjoyment, but for potential.


That opportunity for potential – his own, yours, that of our collective consciousness – has long-been the earnest pursuit of The Beargnster, channeled expertly through his evolved and deeply personal exploration of house music. His futurist approach is inspired as much by the scene’s bonafide revolutionaries, Shimza to Cuebur  and DJ Clock , as his own futurist philosophy, weaved together from a glorious patchwork inspired by an ever-expanding network or thinkers, collaborators, and international encounters.


If this all sounds rather academic, then any appearance from Bearngster will cement the sound of his vision. Years dancing at Johannesburg nightspots such as (Carfex), Deep In The City (republic 94) and Metanoa proved to be the sort of open-minded education that cannot be bought, cannot be sold and cannot be hyped. Here, among an eclectic cast throng of consciously aligned fellow party- goers, Bearngster learned pleasure and patience from extensive record collections that often went some way to suggest that less can mean more.


It’s a confidence that runs through his music and Djing, and most recently earned him a residency on Resurrected Youth Radio sharing the bill with like-minded contemporaries. He was also handed control of the station’s music compiler for several sessions, a favorite format of his, creating space to conjure a unique, sensual and almost psychedelic early night atmosphere that the Johannesburg raver is almost notorious for being able to conjure like few others (refer to his own cult classic, ’11PM’ for a seductive glimpse of this particular sound.)


All this in mind, what’s the eventual aim? “Like-minds together, to raise each other’s desire for good music” guided solely to his proven eye for emotion and evolution, anticipating new collaborations and styles.