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To quote the Swaziland (the nightlife community), “he reigns in Hip Hop”.  Break through Dj “Dj Maphi”has made his mark on Hip Hop music by being an ideal stepping stone for pioneering disk jockeys & Producers paving their way in the world of the music Industry. 

His radio show resounding success has been proved by the fact it has reached #1 being the 1st Hip Hop Radio Show on the station. The hip hop music scene has surrendered to Dj Maphi’s constantly outstanding efforts. 

What began as a dream is now becoming a reality. His mad dj skills are ever more in demand and tracing the impact of his work, it has been huge . While his first radio show episode became a massive filler as well. Maphi will go down to history known for people he has put on the map as one of the best promoters of the moment. 

Meanwhile, the incomparable Spinner will continue to take his tasty sets across the globe. He’s recruited fans from every corner of the world are following his spectacular performances at Events & Festival, his exciting  DJ residency joining Resurrected Youth radio with a show which airs every Friday between 12pm-1pm called “The Metronome” playing alongside other deejays such DJ Liz(S.A.)  & MayeLeMuso(SD) , DJ Shayrock(USA)  , Maphi also as a king on lifelong learning.