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Push guy’s deeply rooted experience and passion has made him become one of the most innovative & dynamic forward thinking producer in this era. Bringing the electrifying mojo of Deep, Dub Techno & Afro house rich taste to the dance floors, this reflects the ear Pushguy has and that combined with his sense of constant innovation Pushguy has passed trends to seek true music and create memorable experiences for his audience whether behind the decks or with every track ever produced.


“Ainger”s roots and the South Side music scene go way back. Back at the age of 14 years where through the hard hitting Disco Lp’s his mother used to play while having the crazies block parties. At the age of 17, with undying passion to be the indigo Pushguy seeked direction and experience through “Soul Candi”, with that happening he served  his first successful extended play titled : Night colors which received great attention but that was not enough.


Seeking out from what’s trendy Push guy has had over 7  tracks released, 3  ep’s & 7  features on compilations around the globe, gracing Spain, Germany,United Kingdom, United States & Greece just to name a few.


Pushguy has launched his blueprint with his latest release Renounce Ep, under Deep Obsession Recordings and with the awaited release of  his debuts  under House Cats, Bush doctor & Candid Beings ,we are yet to again receive flawless production .

2020 is where we see Pushguy bring the mashpit to the dance floors. He has opened for Enosoul, Jullian Gomes, Glen Lewis  and blessed House 22, Levels, Bar Kitchners  around and beyond jozi, when you think memorable experience, think Pushguy.