Ezra Bayede Mlothswa is a Witbank born spinner & producer with a rich childhood raised with the spirit to lead, Ezra is one of the most positive producers of our time values hard work, honesty & believes in breaking out of the norm. Today we get digging with Ezra exploring his keys moves to be a prominent creative. 

Well most of us would consider ourselves bright but here comes Ezra, the 27-year-old Golden Entertainment & Sun Records founder who grew up an average student, soccer player to grabbing everyone's attention with one of the popular dances known as  "Sicka Le Keke" has indeed been an internet sensation.

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Ezra discovered his calling during his dancing days, consistently listening to music, more especially House Music which ignited the passion, “luckily I had a friend with equipment so I would skip dancing lessons to practice until late hours” says Ezra. The plan has always been to flourish, but still to date Ezra doesn’t have that much access to buy equipment needed to thrive, with so much energy behind his craft Ezra is a believer of instinct, so deep that he will reach his destiny despite what is and will come on his way.  

Being creative is not as easy as it looks but we all fall into pits and try to find our way back up but oddly enough, Ezra doesn’t necessarily have fall moments “rather room for improvement”  looking at them as stumbling blocks before something great happens. As you work this journey, there are people who you confide in, who you trust to give solid advice, and luckily Ezra has had good people in his corner throughout the journey ensuring he realizes his strengths and advantages.

Ezra believes it is important to read, analyze, and the industry and position you're in, always being a step ahead will bring great results to your craft.  It is important to also look into other aspects that govern your life and making time for everything is the number one key, diversifying yourself to do more than music is also one of the sacrifices one should make and Ezra made sure he had other revenue streams besides music to fund his dream, which for the greater good has worked out and things are getting much easier.  "Honesty" is one of the things am still battling today because you can't make one understand what being different means in your eyes, of course, am a people's person, very related but not too accessible because of the hours I put in behind my work I always have to do something says "Ezra".

In our time whatever we do is motivated by something and there are things one would say they can't live without, we were impressively shocked at Ezra’s as he went on to start with Music which he believes is his calling,  secondly Money because he is indeed a lifestyle enthusiast, Family and quoted "Whatever happens, they got my back", thirdly  His Car & lastly food which we always see on his Instagram and believes no eats as much as he does.

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“2021” without a doubt is gonna be filled with nothing but great content, make sure you check out Ezra’s new debut single “Solala” which has received so much love around the flag, playlisted in South Africa's prominent stations, and included in the top 40's charts.  

To all aspiring musicians out there the only time you can be destructive is when you just create and own your content, from music, podcasts and more be a brand and take yourself seriously, make sure your presentable, and let your brand do the talking. 


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