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For this duo when it comes to where to do a show, there is not much point to debate over in which room of the party they belong – in underground terms there are the two places; the ones you tend to call either the “big room” or the “main stage”. Clinton and Sandile together make up the Duo GodzOnEarth.


These two relatively young newcomers have in very short time managed to build up a large and loyal following that continuously keeps growing with each year since their start in 2017.


Hailing from Emlazi, South Africa they together run the label Underground vibes records that came into existence in 2019 from the party they started one year earlier. Sandile and Clitton  decided upon the From Underground vibes when they realized they had a different idea of how they wanted to program a podcast, and then later on a well curated radio-show which has been well received by like- minded house heads which is  now sitting on 9000 listeners world-wide.


Underground vibes live every tuesday on www.resurrectedyouthradio.co.za 5pm-6pm, a show where the underdogs “Godzonearth” bring the crime-scene to earth showcasing a dip of the underworld with matured sounds.


“What makes Godzonearth is the same vision of underground house music. Two people but sometimes act as one, “It’s like a symbiosis”. GodzOnEarth Shape’s music created from an eager music enthusiasts mind, it is deep infused made for the listener take a journey. The style of the duo’s mixing has a clear no-nonsense vibe, inspired by a lot of old records they have sourced through the years, mainly from the late 90’s and early 2000’s till 2020. Hence why they often have  powerful vocal tracks with a lot of melodies that are often tech infused.


When it comes to their DJ sets, they are often described as surprising and memorial. Collecting and sourcing music since their teens, they have evolved into a rather broad taste. They both show off great skill when it comes to combining these varied styles, such as classic soulful, deep, tech and lounge. GodzOnEarth definitely holds certain energy when they are on stage, the way they intermix their choices, the surprise of each record, together creating a completely different sound for the following one. The duo is not scared of pushing the boundaries of House Music, taking themselves and the crowd to a different level. The hard work both as DJ’s and producers has not gone by unnoticed; already in 2018 Resurrected Youth Radio chose them as new radio show hosts “Underground Vibes”, Previous to that dropping exclusive guest mixes on some of the hottest podcasts such as ,NMV podcast,Sora ,Phonik deep podcast & many more. GodzOnEarth- will come out blazing with early spring, completing The First Compilation for Underground Vibes Records this year.


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